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Our House and Home Care services include

Light Housekeeping

Keeping up with housework with arthritis or poor balance often discourages a senior. However, we are aware that everyone cleans their own home in their own way. We will literally work around you, on your schedule and do it the way you want it done.

Laundry / Ironing

Putting fitted sheets on your bed can leave you breathless. Carrying laundry up and down stairs presents possible danger. Bed linens, towels, personal laundry and hand washing will all be done for you. Ironing or dry cleaning will be managed by your caregiver. Closets and seasonal wardrobes will be organized.

Grocery Shopping

Maybe you still want to squeeze your own tomatoes! Your caregiver will drive you to the grocery store and push the cart for you. If getting out is difficult or too tiring, you could write out a grocery list together and have her go to the store for you, bring them home and put them away.

Meal Planning & Preparation

Too many seniors are eating TV dinners, prepared foods or skipping meals entirely. With the right help you will eat healthy, freshly prepared, well-balanced meals. Mealtime is often one of the few pleasures left for seniors. Restrictions such as salt, sugar, lactose, fiber etc. will be carefully observed. You might enjoy making some of those old family recipes that the grandchildren love so much – now it is possible with that extra pair of hands.

Order Safety Equipment

Reduced strength, poor balance and impaired vision can all be reasons to consider moving. The ability to remain in your own home sometimes comes down to simply having the right safety equipment. There are so many options to help in every room in the house and outside, too. We can access these devices to make your life safer and simpler.

Arrange for House Repairs

Allowing a stranger into your home is unnerving for a senior. You will be relieved to have a repairman who is recommended and have your caregiver with you while he is in your home. We can arrange for a ramp or other safety modifications.

Facilitate Move to Seniors Residence

When the decision has been made that it is no longer possible to stay in your own home, we will guide you through the process. Finding the right residence and ensuring that all of your needs can really be met takes knowhow. We can manage all of the logistics to ensure a smooth transition.

Pack Your Belongings

You are not packing things! You are packing a lifetime of memories! Deciding what to give, what to sell, what to donate often becomes a tearful experience. We understand. This is a time of your life that requires extreme sensitivity and patience. We will be there until every last memory is packed.

Please contact us if you need home care assistance for a senior member of your family.
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