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Elderly Care Montreal services provided by Complete Care Coordination include:

Providing a Friendly Face

Being alone, hour after hour…no wonder the days drag on! When your caregiver, that you have come to have a close relationship with, greets you at the door with a smile and a hug, the world seems a whole lot better. We must never underestimate the need for human contact. At Complete Care Coordination we understand this, and it is for this reason that we offer quality elderly care Montreal services.

Reading Newspapers / Magazines

Staying current so that you have something to contribute to the conversation will make you feel more capable and informed. Whether world news or Hollywood gossip, material for a lively discussion keeps your mind active and perhaps will make you chuckle.

Reassurance / TLC

Anxiety is a constant companion for many seniors. Failing memory increases those fears. Having a caregiver to reassure you and put an arm around you can bring peace of mind and the feeling that you will be alright. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health. A caregiver will calm you at night time and allow you to sleep better. We can help you find the ideal caregiver in Montreal for your needs.

Playing Cards / Visiting Friends

Keep your mind as sharp as possible. We can get you to your Bridge Club or maybe you prefer a less competitive game of cards at home, just the two of you. Spending time with your peers is irreplaceable. How can your grandchildren, no matter how caring, really understand how it feels to be eighty years old? If your friends are not able to come to you, we will take you to see them.

Going to the Movies

The cinema has changed a great deal in the past forty years. Even with the progress of graphic design and animation – a love story is still a love story! Theatres are user-friendly for wheelchairs and matinee times are available.

Shopping / Sightseeing

As part of our elderly care Montreal services, our caregivers would be happy to accompany you to your favourite restaurant, museum or art gallery. Picking up needed items at the Mall can be part of our mandate. Getting out of the house, even for a short time, breaks the monotony of the day. At Complete Care Coordination we understand this and it is why we make it part of the quality eldercare in Montreal that we offer.

Prepare Afternoon Tea for Friends

You may have enjoyed hosting your friends and family at dinner parties in the past. Wouldn’t it be lovely to set a beautiful afternoon tea or luncheon in the dining room and rekindle the hostess in you without the work or stress?

Conversation / Reminiscing

One–on-one chats at the kitchen table over a cup of tea with your caregiver makes for an afternoon well spent. Seniors who are hard of hearing need this quiet way of communicating rather than in noisy places. Childhood stories and tales of your youth may be just as enjoyable to tell as they are to hear.

Afternoon Drives

Our caregiver’s driver’s license, driving record, and car insurance are all verified. You may be driven in your car or that of the caregiver. A drive down Memory Lane! Let us take you into the countryside, to a familiar landmark that sparks wonderful memories, returning to the old neighborhood, or just nowhere in particular while enjoying the view.

Access Library Books / Videos / CDs / DVDs

Many libraries have large print books or talking books that you might enjoy. Your caregiver could pick up and return these for you. Watching TV with someone is twice the pleasure of viewing it alone.


Seniors love to travel! If you have stopped because you are alone or nervous – you can still travel. Many of our caregivers have escorted seniors on vacation. From the time your suitcase is packed for you until it is unpacked when you return home – all travel arrangements including passport, tickets and transfers will be organized for you. Whether by car, train or plane, every detail will be taken care of to your satisfaction.

Don’t let poor mobility prevent visiting your family for the holidays – we can take you by wheelchair. Airlines and Via Rail have excellent rates for companions. Bon Voyage!

Elderly Care Montreal

If you have any questions about our services, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to talk to you about our elderly care Montreal services.

Please contact us if you need assistance in caring for a senior member of your family.
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