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Complete Care will help you find a residence that fits your needs.

At some point in their lives, seniors may find it increasingly difficult to manage the demands of day-to-day life in their own home. Choosing the right retirement home is a complicated process, with many factors to consider in order to make the right choice. When staying at home is no longer a viable option, we can help ease the transition to a more suitable senior residence.

Free service from Complete Care Coordination

Complete Care can help you find the perfect senior residence to fit your required health care needs, budget and personal preferences including location, access to amenities, onsite services and much more, at no cost to you.

Home consultation

Finding the right senior residence and retirement home is imperative. In order to get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. With our wealth of knowledge of senior care services, we can help you make an informed choice.

During our free consultation, we will provide you with a list of potential retirement homes that have been selected based on your personal criteria and accompany you on tours to help you find the best residence.

Ideal service for out-of-town family members

Our free retirement homes placement service is ideal for out-of-town family members looking for more information about Montreal’s numerous senior residences for their loved ones.

Based on your preferred location, your family member’s health needs, budget and other requirements, we shortlist locations that we know are available for you and suited to your needs. When you arrive in Montreal, everything is already planned ahead.  We visit the shortlisted locations with you so that you can have a personal experience of each residence, ask any additional questions you might have directly on location and get an overall feel of the residence’s level of care and offered services.

Free retirement homes placement services

If you have any questions about free retirement homes placement services, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to talk to you about finding the right residence for you or your family member.

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