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What is the minimum number of hours I can have a caregiver?

The minimum is four hours per shift, and at least twelve hours per week.

Do I have to commit to a certain length of time for services?

No. All services are completely cancellable with 24 hours notice.

How much notice do I need to give to have a caregiver?

Generally, we appreciate a day or two to find the right match but in an emergency, we can almost always provide a caregiver within a few hours.

What can I ask the caregiver to do?

Our caregivers are multi-task oriented. We can help you plan a duty list specific to your needs.

How often will I be invoiced?

Every two weeks.

Do your caregivers drive?

Many of our caregivers drive. Licence and driving record are always screened.

Do you provide help at night?

Yes. You can have a caregiver overnight.


Please contact us if you need assistance in caring for a senior member of your family.
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