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Minimize The Risk Of Falling At Home

Minimize the Risk of Falling at Home

Every year, a third of all Canadian seniors will experience at least one fall. Falls can result in a number of injuries, with hip fractures being the most common. Approximately 50% of these injuries occur at home.  Certain areas in the home, such as stairs and bathrooms, are particularly dangerous.  However, small adjustments can be made to reduce the risks of falling.  These safety precautions are an essential component of eldercare in Montreal.

Here are some important steps that should be taken to help reduce the risk of falls.


  • A rubber bath mat installed in the tub/shower helps to reduce slipping.
  • Grab bars by the toilet and the tub/shower provide support when sitting or standing.
  • A bath seat in the shower is very helpful for seniors with poor balance.
  • Raised toilet seats are easier to use for elderly people with decreased mobility.
  • Floor mats used to absorb water should have a rubberized backing and be checked frequently as the backing often deteriorates with age and washing.


  • Store most commonly used items in easy-to-reach places.
  • Place heavier items in bottom cupboards, never in upper cabinets.
  • Floor mats (in front of sink) should have a rubber backing to prevent skidding.
  • Never use cleaners that make the floor surface more slippery (ex. floor wax).
  • Avoid using step stools. Ask for help with tasks that are out of reach.


  • Good lighting is extremely important.
  • Keep stairs clear of items.
  • Handrails should be installed on both sides of the stairway.
  • Carpeting or “runners” can provide better grip on the stairs but they must be checked to ensure they are properly tacked down. Loose carpeting can cause falls.

Living rooms and Bedrooms

  • Minimize the clutter as much as possible. Rooms and hallways should have a very clear path to walk through, as wide as possible.
  • Cords from items such as lamps, fans, etc. can be tripping hazards. Items should be placed so the cords are out of the way. Use extension cords if necessary.
  • Scatter rugs should be removed or held in place with skid-resistant pads or taped down with double-sided tape.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with home care in Montreal for a senior member of your family.

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