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Indoor Footwear For The Elderly At Risk Of Falling

Indoor Footwear for the Elderly at Risk of Falling

Every year, numerous elderly people suffer falls, many of which occur indoors. The effects of a fall on an elderly person can be devastating both physically and emotionally. There are numerous factors that increase the risk of falls, and every effort should be taken to minimize these risks when addressing elder care in Montreal.

One factor that greatly impacts the risk of an elderly person falling is their footwear. Footwear has a large influence on an elderly person’s balance and stability. Many elderly people are wearing shoes that increase their risk of slips, trips and falls. Walking barefoot or in socks can greatly increase the risk of falls. Slippers are a very popular footwear choice among seniors because they are so comfortable and easy to put on, yet depending on the design, they can prove to be very dangerous. Many ladies are accustomed to wearing high heels, and may be reluctant to sacrifice fashion for safety.

The right footwear can play a big part in an effective fall prevention strategy. Here are some things to consider when determining the safety effectiveness of footwear regarding senior care in Montreal.

  • The correct sizing is very important. Shoes that are too big can be awkward and cumbersome, and could even fall off. Shoes that are too small can cause foot conditions such as calluses and corns, which make walking difficult and painful.
  • A closed-heel design is preferable to an open-back design as it provides a more secure fit and increased stability.
  • Soles that are sturdy provide better stability than a more flexible shoe.
  • Shoes that elevate the elderly person too much can compromise their balance. A low heel and thin sole is preferable to high-heels or thick-soled shoes.
  • The tread on the bottom of the shoe is extremely important. Too smooth can result in slips on hardwood or tiles, while too much grip can cause tripping on carpets.
  • Velcro closures can be ideal for seniors because they are easier to adjust, as elderly people often experience swelling in their feet throughout the day. They are also easier to attach for someone who may have reduced dexterity in their hands (i.e. arthritis).

If you are looking for safe, comfortable footwear for an elderly person in Montreal, we recommend J.E. Hangers, 5545 St-Jacques West, 514-489-3433.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with home care in Montreal for a senior member of your family.

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