Music Therapy For The Elderly

Music Therapy for the Elderly

Music Therapy for the Elderly is becoming increasingly popular. No matter your age, ability, or interests, music has a way of sparking wonderful feelings and memories within a listener, even if you’re not a professionally-trained musician. These feelings and emotions…

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Elderly Care Planning

Elderly care planning

For adult children, watching an elderly parent struggle with their declining mental or physical heath can create a strong desire to step in and take care of them. Yet for an aging parent, accepting help, regardless of how practical the idea may be, can be very difficult psychologically as it may seem like the first step in relinquishing their independence.
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Sundown Syndrome

Sundown Syndrome

Sundown syndrome refers to a consistent increase in confusion, anxiety, restlessness or aggressive behavior in the late afternoons and evenings, as the sun goes down, and it affects a great number of people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. Pacing…

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How The Death Of A Spouse Can Affect The Elderly

How the Death of a Spouse Can Affect the Elderly

  • January 29, 2015
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Death of a spouse at any age is a life-shattering experience. In addition to psychological impacts such as depression, grief can have physical consequences such as sleeplessness and loss of appetite. For the elderly, bereavement can have a devastating effect on…

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Winter Safety Tips For Seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is upon us and along with that first magical snowfall comes many challenges for the elderly. Here are some helpful tips to improving homecare in Montreal during the long winter months. Stairway to Heaven? No…

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